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Better protect your children, your assets, and your well-being when you divorce.

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Making Divorce Better Through Collaborative Practice

It’s possible to have a good divorce—without litigation, without conflict, and without the overwhelming stress most people associate with the process.

Divorce can help you and your partner have a fair, mindfully conducted conclusion to your marriage that represents a fresh start for both of you.

This is the goal of collaborative practice. In collaborative practice, an interdisciplinary team works with you and your spouse to create a mutually satisfactory agreement.

This team may include:

  • Legal professionals
  • Mental health professionals
  • Financial advisors
  • Other professional advisors that support you and your family throughout the process

You have a choice in how you divorce. Choose the route that puts you, your family, and your needs front and center.

How Collaborative Divorce Is Different

Protects Family Relationships

Collaborative divorce puts respect, support, and family relationships at the center of the process to ensure that everyone’s well-being is protected—especially important when children are involved.

Less Stress and Anxiety

Lots of people are overwhelmed by the idea of divorce before they even start. Manage the stress of the process with professional guidance and support from beginning to end.

Divorce Designed for Your Needs

With collaborative divorce, you’re in control of the process. Your divorce agreement reflects your family structure, financial arrangements, and unique needs—both now and in the future.

Who We Are

The New Jersey Council of Collaborative Practice Groups (NJCCPG) is a nonprofit organization based in New Jersey. Since 2010, we’ve been dedicated to helping families find a better way to divorce.

Our team consists of collaboratively trained attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial specialists. We connect families to resources and professionals to training, education, and networking opportunities. NJCCPG is also committed to expanding public and professional awareness about collaborative practice.

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